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James Rawdon-Mogg | The role of HR in the future of the workplace package

by James Rawdon-Mogg

Spotlights are being placed increasingly on the importance of work place optimisation and recently we held our very own “Colliers Conversations: Future Workplaces” client meeting to take a look at this. There seems to be a belief that they need to be specifically ‘millennial-ready’, however from our client base reports we have concluded that it is not so much a generational issue, as an individual one.

After all it is a no-brainer that a happy worker is a productive worker, no matter what their age, and this can overall be attributed to the following agreements:

  1. By offering employees the opportunity to flourish and excel in their job.
  2. By ensuring employees feel trusted and respected by their colleagues.
  3. By providing employees the freedom to manage their own work life.

Increasingly, the workplace environment has become much more considered as a part of a productive work life. Whether that is working one day in a coffee shop to bringing your pet into the office. Yet we in EMEA Corporate Solutions have also found that you can work in the most forward-thinking, most flamboyantly-designed office, however if you don’t meet the first two criteria listed above, this can render the third point almost useless. A fact that is true for all ages and not exclusive to millennials.

“you can work in the most forward-thinking, most flamboyantly-designed office”

Based on the trends we see coming in from our client base, we believe the solution lies in revaluation of the HR strategy. During a panel on “Is HR dead?” at our client meeting, it was revealed that company representatives did not believe that ‘HR is dead’ so much as the role will begin to evolve.

As trends reveal that employee wellbeing should be at the forefront of all employers’ awareness, so HR will begin to take on the role of monitoring this. Looking at more than the pay packet and at what an individual needs from their environment to succeed. An experience management team if you will. Charged with overseeing the quality of the workplace and other encompassing aspects that will then encourage an employee’s performance. Then in doing so contribute to the overall future success of their company.

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