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Another Year and Another MIPIM – An International Property Fair in Cannes

by Chris Mclernon

MIPIM continues to be a great setting and venue to encourage connecting with people. Investors and dealmakers are feeling comfortable with the investment market for H1 2019 and probably through to the end of the year, with question marks about 2020 – but all noting that the key fundamental to a continued investment cycle are low interest rates.

My overall impression of MIPIM was of a more muted affair than the previous years of ‘uber-exuberance’ we have come to expect from the global real estate conference. This may have something to do with the current stage of cycle whereby there are limited return expectations and opportunities in the market. Never the less, attendees were busy with full meeting schedules and a determination to make business happen.

The German, Nordic Region and Central Europe markets showed confidence in their attendee presence and their dedication to make things happen in their markets. Meanwhile, global investors are still keen to explore investment opportunities in Europe, but are taking a pause on the UK market until the Brexit situation is resolved (one way or the other).

Logistics and Residential seemed to be the most discussed asset classes during the event, whilst there were some discussions from clients of retail making a comeback, or at least being on their radar to consider.

All-in-all, there was an impression that investors are very much engaged in the market, but want to be well informed about any decisions they make.

The event continues to be dominated by the Investment market with only a small percentage of quality occupiers. Proptech continues to be top of mind in the industry and it was great to see Basking Automation from the Colliers Proptech Accelerator in attendance.

MIPIM is a large investment for Colliers but it is loaded with lots of business opportunities, and now it is our focus to follow through and support our clients with these new, exciting opportunities that presented themselves at MIPIM.

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